Life Lately

Life Lately

Or more accurately – life over the last three months. It has been busy. We went on a road trip. We celebrated a life. We took an unexpected vacation at Niagra-On-The-Lake. We toured the city that Steve grew up in. I celebrated the marriage of my best friend with a shower… A bachelorette party… And … Continue reading

Dinner Lately

Over the last 3 weeks, I have made a valiant effort to improve out eating habbits at home. And guess what – it has been a raging success! Each week I have tried one or two (or sometimes even three or four!) new recipes and we have loved eating at home, only going out for … Continue reading

Weekly Evolution: It’s Okay to Nap

This week has been one of little sleep at night. The pooch has been determined to go outside several times every night, much to my dismay. I am (proud to be!) a person who requires a certain amount of sleep. I get that I could probably exist on fewer than eight hours a night, but … Continue reading

Weekly Evolution: Floss

I’ve tried to become a committed flosser for years now. Every time I go to the dentist, I hear the lecture about the importance of flossing. And I take it very seriously. Yet, it seems, I can only stick to the ritual for a week. Maximum. This week after a too-long hiatus from the dentist … Continue reading

Beating the Heat

Beating the Heat

It’s been hot in Edmonton this past week. Record-breaking, ice cream-melting hot. Although we’ve tried to stay productive in the yard, we’ve had to improvise and adjust our plans. Instead of safety glasses and gloves to avoid splinters while building our raised planter on Sunday, I was armed with a sun hat, SPF 50 sunscreen, sunglasses, and a … Continue reading

Weekly Evolution: Start Anywhere

Start doing. Start where? Start anywhere. It’s difficult to start things. Whatever it the project may be, it’s that first decision that is always the most daunting. Time after time I have put off starting something because I simply didn’t know how or where to start. Each of these times, I (eventually) started simply “doing”. … Continue reading